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Business (Private) Aviation has been a steadily growing industry for many years and now expanding into the international markets, with an emphasis on Asia and other emerging countries.  It's a very exciting time to be involved in our industry. More corporations, studios, celebrities, dignitaries and professional sports teams are turning to this hassle-free way of traveling. This has increased the need for qualified individuals to provide excellent service and safety while in the air.

Jet Set Aviation Professionals created this training program because of the increased demand for service-oriented and safety conscientious flight attendants who care about their clients and will go that "extra mile" to ensure a safe and pleasant travel experience.

Our course is extremely intensive and multi-faceted by combining both classroom instruction of FAA regulations, in-flight medical emergencies as well as "hands-on" training onboard private jets.  We are the ONLY company with this capability. Training onboard private jets provides a realistic approach of the flight attendants actual in-flight response to various in-flight and emergency issues that may arise.

Another aspect of our training includes food preparation, safety and presentation, as well as culinary training taught by some of LA's best chefs. This class is implemented in 3 parts; basic, intermediate and advanced. These classes are also offered as a stand-alone for current crew members and flight attendants wanting additional knowledge on a variety of culinary and cultural issues.  
Also stressed is Crew Resource Management (CRM)- more specifically understanding the flight attendants' role as coordinator between various agencies including FBO's, charter operators, dispatchers and pilots and international handlers. This class is also offered as a stand-alone course because of its complexities.

Safety Equipment Procedures (SEP) is combined with the initial corporate flight attendant program, but also offered as a stand alone class for all crew members. Meets all regulatory requirements.

At Jet Set Aviation Professionals, we believe it takes a specific personality to ensure a great flight attendant.  If you're attentive to detail, intuitive, professional, discreet and can think on your feet, then this career is probably for you!

Call us now to enroll 310-691-6006 or for more information.

SCHEDULE OF CLASSES FOR 2024 (Including new locations in Austin, Texas 
and our newest International location in Istanbul, Turkey)

JANUARY  -        Istanbul 8th-12th / Los Angeles 15th-19th22nd-26th 
FEBRUARY -      Los Angeles 5th-9th / Austin 19th-23rd 
MARCH -            Los Angeles 11th-15th / Miami 18th-22th / Austin 25th-29th 
APRIL -               Los Angeles 8th-12th / Austin 15th-19th  / Istanbul 22nd-26th
MAY -                  Istanbul 6th-10th / Austin 13th-17th / Los Angeles 20th-24th
JUNE -                Los Angeles 3rd-7th / Austin 10th-14th / Miami 17th -21st 
JULY -                 Los Angeles 8th-12th  / Austin 15th-19th
AUGUST -           Los Angeles 5th-9th / Istanbul  19th-23rd 
SEPTEMBER -    Los Angeles 9th-13th & 16th-20th / Austin 23rd-27th
OCTOBER -         Los Angeles 7th-11th / Austin 14th-18th / Miami 21st-25th 
NOVEMBER -      Los Angeles 4th-8th / Austin 18th-22nd
DECEMBER -      Los Angeles 2nd-6th / Miami 9th-13th / Istanbul 16th-20th

Initial 5-day training ~ Tuition for 2024 is $6,200.00 and class size is limited to 5.
3-day Transitional training for commercial flight attendants ~ Tuition is $3,600.00
and class size is limited to 8.


**For companies or individuals interested in our classes in Hong Kong, please contact our HK office at +1 852-3182-7510 for pricing and information.

Deposit & Cancellation policy: A 50% deposit is required at time of enrollment to reserve a seat in the desired class. Balance must be provided 10 days before class begins. We accept PayPal, Square, Venmo, Zelle, credit cards and wire transfers.

We understand that circumstances do occur that may cause the student to postpone part or all of their training but once student begins program they have two months (60 days) in which to complete the program. After two months (60 days), we are no longer obligated to complete the training process for the individual nor will any refunds be issued.  Students who cancel their enrollment five (5) working days prior to their class start date are not eligible for a refund. 

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